Training funding

If you are an Australian refugee, asylum seeker, or veteran or nonprofit/employer who knows of someone like this who could improve their job prospects by completing a short course (e.g. licence, white card), then, presuming funding is available, P&G Purpose will pay for 75% of a successful training course.

Funding process:

  1. Fill in this form (or below) and email when you are done. We will confirm that the funds are available, that the course is within the guidelines, and send you a confirmation that we’ll support the course.
  2. Pass the course.
  3. Email the original email confirmation (from step one above) passing course documents, tax invoice, and bank details to, for a 75% reimbursement.

If you are an employer and there is a barrier to employing one of these people that can be solved by direct application of funding, even if it is not in these parameters, then please, reach out. We are keen to find ways to help. Any questions, please reach out to, or comment below.


Volunteering FAQs

How do I become a volunteer?


  1. Submit an application via email at stating your skills, experience and availability, and/or applicable role
  2. If shortlisted, attend an interview
  3.  Start volunteering!

What kind of volunteer roles are available?


We offer a large range of volunteer opportunities across our programs. Volunteer roles are diverse and each requires different sets of skills, experience and availability.

Can I submit a general expression of interest to volunteer?


Yes, you can submit your EoI at

I want to volunteer, but only for a short time, can I do this?


Generally, we prefer volunteers to commit to 12 months with us. Not only does this ensure efficient use of our resources dedicated to training of new volunteers, it is also important for the benefit of the overlooked people we serve that our programs operate with continuity and stability.

We do however occasionally advertise short term volunteer opportunities. Please read the Volunteer Position Descriptions for further information about the minimum time commitment required for individual roles.

How many hours a week does volunteering require?


Generally, we ask that volunteers are available for one day each week from noon till 5 pm; however, other programs are more flexible. You will have further opportunity to discuss this with individual Program Managers at Information Evenings and/or interview.

I work fulltime, can I still volunteer?


As we primarily operate during business hours, the majority of our volunteering opportunities are during the day Monday to Friday. However some services operate on weekends or are not bound by geography/working hours.

Can I choose which program I volunteer in?


When you submit an application you can choose which of the available volunteer roles you wish to apply for based on your preference, availability and qualifications/skills. Successful candidates are chosen based upon careful comparison of the demands of the position with the abilities and skills of each candidate.

How long does the recruitment and selection process take?


From the time volunteer applications close, it generally takes a few weeks to process the applications, shortlist and organise interviews.

We take selection of volunteers seriously for two reasons:
1. To ensure we match you and prepare you for your role.
2. To ensure we provide the best services possible for people seeking asylum.

How often do you take new volunteers?


We take volunteers on a rolling basis

Where are the volunteer roles based?


The majority of our volunteer roles are best done from Melbourne (primary) or Sydney (secondary).  That said, offsite and remote volunteer opportunities are also available.

What sorts of volunteers are you looking for?


We are looking for volunteers who are:
– Reliable and deeply committed to the welfare of some of the most overlooked people in society and share our values, this may be volunteer, but if you do choose to volunteer, then it’s not optional.
– Able and prepared to undertake ‘program specific training’ as needed

I don’t really know a lot about people seeking asylum, refugees, or other overlooked groups. is this a problem?


You don’t need to be an expert on asylum seeker issues, immigration, or overlooked people; however, a strong interest and commitment is required. You will have ample opportunity to learn more about people through your time with us.

I am under 18. Can I volunteer?


Yes, on  a case-by-case basis.

How do I get to you?


Please see our ‘contact us’

I still have questions!

Please send us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Money at P&G Purpose

Money at many nonprofits is a sensitive topic.  We do not think it needs to be. Here’s how money works at P&G Purpose:

  • Low ‘overheads’: P&G Purpose has no paid staff, and our office space is paid for by our affiliated social enterprise, so you can be can be sure that any donations will go where they are needed to deliver results.
  • Funding ratio: Occasionally, P&G Purpose will partner with companies on a commission basis for things like sales and business development.  These costs will always be lower than 10% of the overall amount donated.
  • Capital Control: like all nonprofits, the board of directors is ultimately responsible for making decisions allocating funding.  There are strict funding limits (normally in increments of $500) and earmarks for specific projects that, if exceeded, need the full boards approval.  Our constitution and governance process is here
  • Transparency: We have two independent accountants review our expenditures, and once their reviews are complete, after the end of the quarter.  You can reach out at the email address below to see how money has been destributed.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions at

Thank you so much for your continued support, we are inspired by you and how together we can address major challenges in our communities.

– Doug

Doug Abdiel


P&G Purpose