Purpose aims to create long-term partnerships with underserved individuals, placing them in employment and providing the necessary support required for them to fulfil their career potentials

What we believe

We believe that every person deserves a chance to obtain long-term, sustainable employment for themselves and their families.  For some people, this has never been a problem. For others, through circumstances outside of their control, be it war, famine, or countless other issues, they have never been able to have this sustainable employment.  We aim to bridge that gap, helping those people obtain the job skills that they need to succeed.


We are proving a concept. The concept that it is possible for businesses to give the most overlooked people in our society a chance at long-term employment without fear that literacy, numeracy, previous experience, or a host of other issues with hold them back. We have proven that this is possible in paper tube manufacturing (see www.pginitiatives.com), but this is just the beginning.  We hope that other companies with similar values and vision will join us.


Want to learn more about us. Please reach out to enquiries@pgpurpose.org