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Training funding

April 29, 2024

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If you are an Australian refugee, asylum seeker, or veteran or nonprofit/employer who knows of someone like this who could improve their job prospects by completing a short course (e.g. licence, white card), then, presuming funding is available, P&G Purpose will pay for 75% of a successful training course.

Funding process:

  1. Fill in this form (or below) and email enquiries@pgpurpose.org when you are done. We will confirm that the funds are available, that the course is within the guidelines, and send you a confirmation that we’ll support the course.
  2. Pass the course.
  3. Email the original email confirmation (from step one above) passing course documents, tax invoice, and bank details to invoices@pgpurpose.org, for a 75% reimbursement.

If you are an employer and there is a barrier to employing one of these people that can be solved by direct application of funding, even if it is not in these parameters, then please, reach out. We are keen to find ways to help. Any questions, please reach out to enquiries@pgpurpose.org, or comment below.

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