No Interest Loan Program

  • Qualifying criteria
    • Must complete a budget (template available at  to establish your ability to repay and the duration of the loan.  Depending on the results, applicants may be asked to see a financial counselor prior to payment
    • Purpose of the loan: must enable work 
    • Recipients: 
      • Must be for one of the overlooked groups that we are working with (currently refugees and asylum seekers new to employment in Australia)
      • Must be willing to sign a loan agreement
      • Must be willing to set up automatic deposits
      • Must provide full name, address, and phone number
  • Amount: Max amount of $1000 without receiving strict scrutiny (which will require more time)
  • Interest Rate: 0%
  • Repayment term: case-by-case
  • Application: Budget, purpose, attestation of qualifying status, and loan amount must be emailed to for review and approval
  • Administrative notes
    • Note that this program is still under development and policies can be changed without notice
    • This program has a dedicated fund, and all loans are made on a funds-available basis

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